Finding a suitable place for dad is important for his comfort

Watching our dads get old can be unfulfilling, especially when we see them start losing their independence. Fear of aging dads keeps most of us up at night and it is natural to like the best for our dads although deciding what the best is can be difficult. An increasingly popular care option is senior home care. The following are the importance of looking for a place for dad in a senior home.

Assistance with daily tasks

Senior homes offer assistance to their residents with daily activities like bathing, eating, drinking, dressing, running errands, using restrooms and administering medicine. Typical daily activities can become difficult with old age. Most elderly dads lose their driving license at some point and are no longer able to ride to the grocery store or regional pharmacy.

Social environment

Residing in a senior home facility provides elderly with a built-in social network of their peers. Aging dads can enjoy the company of others who are living in the same facility and share their experiences. Most senior homes also render structured social events free for participation for all residents. Most elderly dads suffer from depression by feeling isolated from living alone and not having access to social outlets.


Comfort living senior homes staff will take care of laundry service, general cleaning and dry-cleaning services in your dad’s apartment home. Cleaning can be a difficult task for many aging dads. Getting an on-site cleaning staff can be valuable and saves time and energy.

Food services

Old age homes offering comfort living give all meals and snacks. Most facilities give different meal plans to cater to various tastes and dietary requirements. Some facilities also provide meals with a licensed dietitian to make sure their residents enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. The food services and meals offered are incorporated into the senior home cost.

Health care services

One of the most obvious benefits of skilled senior home facilities is the personalized health care service provided to the residents. These services usually include routine administration of daily prescription, medical attention where needed, 24-hours health monitoring services, and emergency medical services. Getting on-site medical care available from insured nurses and health care providers is important to the safety and well-being of your ageing dad.


When living in senior homes, residents have easy access to every resource they may need. Senior home residents do not have to worry about learning how to use the internet or holding on the phone when trying to obtain information. The senior home staff helps the residents to get the information they may need quickly and efficiently.

Specialized health care

Skilled elderly home facilities are staffed by insured nurses and senior move managers who are able to offer proper health care to dads with serious health problems. This level of care is above what a family member can offer. Most of the serious diseases that attack the elderly and which need health care from a medical professional are:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s
  • Cancer and
  • Diabetes

Relieving your family

Most family members become caretaker for elderly dads. Most of these people have their own lives with busy work schedules, obligations and children and do not have adequate time to attend their own personal lives while giving routine care to their elderly seniors. By residing in a comfort living senior home, the elderly dad is taking the burden off their junior family members and is also getting care from committed professionals who are available 24/7.

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