What to Do If Someone Dings Your Vehicle

When someone dings your car, you will know by the presence of a dent or numerous dents depending on the impact. Someone might ding your car at the parking lot, busy street or even a residential area. In most case, the dents appear when opening car doors. What would you do when you discover ugly dents without a note? I bet you will be frustrated and irritated because the guilty party is nowhere to be found and there is no way you will get them.

At Fault Situation

These are the works of careless drivers and strangers. People who maintain their cars often can differentiate between new and old dings. It is always an unpleasant surprise to find a new dent on the body of your vehicle.

What to do:

  • analyze the situation
  • keep records of the event
  • look for evidence
  • take photos (the dent and the license plate of the vehicle you suspect)

In most cases, the vehicle parked next to yours might be the first to suspect. You can wait for the owner of the car and ask for their insurance information, driver’s license and phone number. If the other party does not admit, you can file a police report and let them solve the issue. If you have enough proof, you can file a claim for each ding.

No-Fault Situation

If you are not able to determine what or who caused the dent on your vehicle, your evidence will be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

What to do before filing an insurance claim:

  • Take as many photos as possible to help in the investigation.
  • Record every information including the place, date and time.
  • Source information from people around or from CCTV footage.
  • Find witnesses, take their contact information and let them sign statements.
  • Call your insurance company ahead of time and give them a heads-up.

Your insurance company might be in a good position to give you advice on how to proceed. The deductibles of the person at fault might be wavered. If you do not know who made the dent, you’re your deductibles might be waived. If the cost of repairs exceeds your deductible, then your insurance will pay for your car to be repaired.

Insurance Claim

If you have a comprehensive insurance with full coverage, then your insurance will pick up the bill. A no-fault insurance policy in your auto insurance will help cover your door dings when no one is responsible. Before you file for an insurance claim, you need to get the estimate of your ding repair. If the estimate is less than your deductible, then you may do well to pay for the repairs out of pocket.

A small dent or ding, if not removed, would assist in rust and other forms of corrosion. This will eventually ruin your paint job and add the extra cost of getting another layer. Damaged vehicle should be taken to dent repair professional who knows how to do the job and fixes vehicles, etc. Therefore, look for a reputable Dent and Collision Repair Company.

Choosing A Dent and Collision Repair Company

If you are successful in getting the other party’s insurance company pay for the ding, then you and the company will have to agree on the best repair method. Most of the insurance companies prefer PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) services because they restore the vehicle to a flawless, factory finish. PDR is good for minor dings.

Your insurance company might recommend a preferred provider to help you repair the dent. It is more reasonable to contact a dent repair company other than going to a dealership or mechanic. With the help of a Dent and Collision Repair Company, you do not need to seek assistance from small shops, large franchises or dealerships. Prevention is better than cure: remember to park your car farther out in the lot to avoid careless drivers. Talk to your insurance company and get them to accept work done by our reputable auto body repair shop and you will be more than happy with the decision.

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