Why is after school care beneficial for children

As the year at the school begins, most parents are not only thinking about what classes their children are going to get into school, but also what their children will do after school. After school programs provide opportunities for children to run new skills, deepen existing expertise, explore various areas of talent, get support on areas they are not well in, form relationship with supportive seniors, and make friends. Participating in an organized after-school program has also been linked with a number of positive outcomes. For working or schooling parents, after-school programs are normally more than luxury, they are important child care in those free hours when kids are out of school but parents are still at work or school. It has been noted that there are risks of children not looking at after school, therefore, afterschool programs are an essential opportunity to the parent seeking to ensure their children are in a safe and organized place once they leave their school.

A quality afterschool program can turn the unplanned hours after school into productive learning time. This is the major benefit for children with learning and attention challenges. Below are some of the things a best-quality after-school program can give to your children.

Creating a sense of belonging

If the after school program is not run by a local school or a nearby facility, kids can get to know different children than those they see at their school. This means that they do not have to deal with the same group and social challenges. If it is run at the school of your kid or nearby, the program can offer your kid a chance to interact with familiar children in a different environment. Furthermore, there is more senior supervision than on the school playground. Therefore, children with learning and attention challenges are more likely to be included and feel like part of the group.

Improve social skills

A quality after-school program promote support, cooperation, and respect. This can make children feel more secure when joining a game or starting a conversation. In case they slip up, a compassionate staffer should be there to remind them to stop interrupting or take turns.

Provide academic support

Most afterschool programs give organized homework help. Homework can normally cause conflict between the children with learning and attention challenges and their parents. Therefore, having it done during the program can make the evening of everyone more comfortable and relaxing. Make sure that the aides or other kids are not doing the homework for your kid. Most care centers have teachers or aides who are trained to handle children with learning and attention challenges.

Build confidence

For children with learning and attention challenges, an afterschool program might feel more lenient than the school does. The stake might not seem as high. Thus, they might be more willing to try new things and take more risks. This, as a result, can improve their self-esteem. When trying to decide which daycare in Edmonton to send you kids to, we suggest checking out University Tender Loving Daycare

The following are the things to keep in mind when choosing the best afterschool program for your children:

•    Focus on what your kid like doing

•    Be sensitive to your child’s needs

•    Look for a program that provides sequenced, focused, active and explicit activities in a safe place where the young have the opportunity to shape and perform a meaningful role in activities

•    Pay attention to the seniors

•    If you have a limited budget look for a locally-based organization that gives sliding scale fees for families and normally waives fees for all the families that needs it.

•    The after school hour can be the best time for children to explore various talents

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