What can I Do With My Damaged Car- Selling Your Damaged Car Quickly

Junkyard option

Some car repairs might prove to be un-worthy especially if you really need to strain your bank account. Junkyards come in handy offering cash for your broken or smashed car. Though most of them will offer next to nothing compared to the actual value of the car, this option is better nothing at all.

Online Damaged car Buyer

 You can find buyers online who offer money specifically for broken, damaged and smashed cars. It’s fast, easy and involves minimal activities compared to any other method. All you need to do is ensure that you have the necessary documents that proof your ownership for the resell.

Sell to auto mechanic

Some mechanics buy damaged cars, repair them using cheaper counterparts and then resell the cars. This option is however limited if your car was damaged in car accident and it’s totally beyond repair.

Reassemble and resell

If all the above fail to impress, why not reassemble the whole car and sell part by part? By the way, this can fetch you more cash than most of the fore mentioned. This is because you can sell heavy metal to scrap metal buyers.  They pay on spot per kg. The price varies from buyer to another.

Friends and neighbor Buyers

This might take patience because you may need to wait for a neighbor, a friend or a relative with the same make of a car to have a broken part for you to make that sale. It might be worth the wait however because they are easier to negotiate price with.

Or you can call Cash For Cars Edmonton and get paid top dollars for your junk car. Its better than even donating your car to stollery children or the kidney center.

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