Can E-cigs Can Damage Your Vision


Electronic cigarettes, popularly known as e-cigs, are detrimental to a person’s overall health when smoked. A recent research shows that E-cig smoking causes watery eyes.

The effects extend to causing decrease in tear secretion. Eyes get irritated as the smoking behaviour intensifies. Vaping can lead to virtual blindness. Optical specialists say.

To curb these eye problems, smoking e-cigs ought to be aborted. To those who have started the habit, they should consult an optometrist fast. It is quite out of order to damage vision through vaping.

Importance of seeing an optometrist as a victim of vaping

It is typical to make a visit to an optometrist on annual basis. Coming up with such isn’t limited to the smokers only but to everyone.

Vaping can cause blindness

Heavy E-cig smokers are prone to contracting cataracts. Eye cataracts have been proven to be world’s number one cause of blindness.

Optometrists help in reversing the loss of vision among smokers.

Early symptoms of other diseases are detected

The tests conducted by optometrists are ideal in detecting other signs of eye diseases. As an E-cig smoker, you may be suffering from other illnesses unaware. Such diseases can be diabetes or even hypertension.

The human eye has the optic nerve at the back. Neurological diseases can be detected on your first visit to the optometrist.

Optometrists are advisors

Despite being medical specialists, optometrists are known to advise patients before the eye tests begin. If an E-cig smoker visits an optometrist, chances are that they won’t come out of the place the way they entered.

If an E-cig smoker decides to quit the habit, macular degeneration is bound to reduce.  

Optometrists are affordable

To explain this, the cost of conducting eye surgeries is on the higher side. If a patient has been affected by cataracts, the cost of treatment is high also.

Visiting an optometrist annually saves you from incurring such extreme expenses. An optometrist is able to identify those eye disorders as they form and offer the necessary medication.

An E-cig smoker has to visit the optometrist to save on further eye damage and more eye treatment costs.

Time effectiveness

Does one spend a whole week or even a day at an optometrist’s office? No. A few minutes to an hour is enough to have eyes tested and advice given. Be sure to visit an optometrist today and ready to be helped in winning over E-cig smoking habit. 

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