Respite Care Services for Loved Ones

Edmonton Respite Care

Respite care is essential for strengthening the ability of families and primary caregivers to be able to provide extraordinary care in their home.

Taking care of a loved one in need can be a very rewarding experience. As a caregiver, you provide much-needed assistance and comfort to someone who may have given you the same kind of care in your youth. At times you may need to take a short break to deal with personal matters, run errands or focus on your own needs. That’s when respite care comes to the rescue.

At Castlewood Care Home, respite care can meet a broad range of situations. It could be something you take advantage of once a week in order to buy groceries, or it could be something you rely on once a year while you take a vacation. In‑home care can provide light housekeeping services, personal hygiene care and daily medical attention. There are many benefits to consider when thinking about using one of these services.

In week-to-week situations, respite care can be flexible. No one’s life is so well-structured that they can plan everything in advance. It would also be unfair to expect that a caregiver completely give up his or her own social needs. You should be able to live a full and functional life while also serving as a caretaker – respite care services make this possible.

Appropriately trained Castlewood Care Homes Edmonton staff will meet the care and support needs of your loved one for both short-term and longer-term periods so that you remain worry free.

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